Whitney Batchelor

Whitney Batchelor


Snatch 172lbs

Snatch Balance 180lbs

Best Snatch 69kg

Weight Class USA Masters Games 2016,

1st place 69kg weight class

Really just all things snatching :D


CrossFit Level 1

USA Weightlifting

Sports Performance

Pregnant & Postpartum Athleticism

Precision Nutrition Level 1

About Coach

My biggest lesson is that this journey is always evolving. I grew up playing Soccer and doing dance. I explored martial arts. Spent time Wakeboarding. I've done a little bit of everything. I kept doing dance as I got older and eventually found my way into CrossFit which led me to take up Weightlifting full time.

Turning Point

Life is always evolving and goals and statuses change. Mine has changed several times unexpectedly. This has led me to doubt what I was doing, but in the process, I've learned that this evolution will continue to happen. Even when something changes, our goals can change and evolve too.

Motivation & Passion

What matters most is enjoying where we're at now and working with what we have at this moment - that will always be my goal as a coach. I want to show everyone that it doesn't matter what we did last week, or last year - instead we focus on where we're at right now and enjoy these moments. In particular, I love working with anyone with a passion for the barbell and the pregnant and postpartum communities.

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