Melody (Mel) Pope

Melody (Mel) Pope


I once deadlifted 300 lbs. (I’m a tiny human!) and it was amazing.

I have completed the Blue Ridge Half Marathon twice and my personal half PR of 2 hours was during that race!

I have recently challenged myself to improve my gymnastic skills! With that being said, my butterfly and chest to bar pull-ups and toe to bar skills have become easier!

I will choose endurance workouts all day every day as I enjoy them the most.


CrossFit Level 1

LVT (Licensed Veterinary Technician)

CPR certified (for two and four-legged)

About Coach

I played baseball as a small child and ice hockey as a young adult. Running was my passion prior to starting CrossFit. I have competed in numerous CrossFit competitions and made the podium a handful of times. I have completed a marathon and several half marathons. I’ve always been active and somewhat athletic. I started CrossFit in 2011 and remember the sheer terror and excitement of not knowing anything. I literally had never touched a barbell in my life until that day and it was love at first sight! I have worked alongside and been coached by some great coaches throughout my life. Each of them brought different experiences and knowledge as their personalities were all unique. This, along with my inner drive and internal demons has molded me into the coach I am today.

Turning Point

I have a tendency to be introverted but athletics was (and will always be) an area I feel comfortable coming out of my shell. Sport has always been an outlet for my very competitive inner self. I remember my painful first CrossFit class. I don’t think I spoke more than two words to anyone. I had become so uncomfortable in my own skin as I had let myself steer clear of any situation where I might be judged as weird or different. “Shy and spacey” were two words I hated because that was how I was viewed or introduced. By the end of my class, I had felt more like myself than I had in a long time. I also realized how weak I was! CrossFit has given me back a competitive outlet, the team camaraderie I had been missing, and the accountability to show up which allows me to fight my inner demons and continue to improve as a human. The community is amazing and healing. Trust your struggle.

Motivation & Passion

Knowing what CrossFit has done for me inspired me to want to help others experience and enjoy all the benefits. I love being able to motivate and encourage others while sharing my knowledge and using my ability to help our athletes achieve and exceed their goals. The feeling of trustworthiness that follows sharing a great advancement in an athlete’s journey is what warms my heart. I want to see success, no matter how small, because there is always a positive in each training session. We have a community like no other and I am proud to be a part of it!

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