Berton Austin

Berton Austin

Old Guy

Moving heavy weights long distances (not quickly). I’m still hoping for a life time PR, but that time may be past me.

I’ve cleaned 300#

Snatched 200#

I’ve done strict handstand push-ups (thanks Mel!) (for a big guy, that’s a feat of strength!)


CrossFit Level 2 Certification

CrossFit Level 1 Weightlifting

Virginia Military Institute - Mechanical Engineering, Ceramics Degree (YouTube).

About Coach

I’ve been competitive for as long as I can remember. Baseball, Football, Lacrosse, Wrestling, etc. I was fortunate to play football at VMI (briefly, studying is hard). Out of school I’ve lifted heavy weights, ran long distances (5 - Half Marathons, 2 - Marathons) completed many GORUCK challenges (ever walked 50 miles? Let’s go!), Ragnar Races, and numerous CrossFit Competitions. I’ve learned that your attitude about it matters the most. You can do whatever you decide to do. Just make the decision and let’s get to work. I believe that completely and that’s why I want to coach. The answer will never be “I can’t”. It will always be, “I can’t yet”, now let’s work on making it happen.

Turning Point

I had no idea who I could become until I began to learn what I am capable of being. VMI changed my life. I had no idea that nothing was off-limits. I could be anything and do anything I wanted. If I’m willing to put in the work and make the sacrifices required then there isn’t anything off-limits. The hardest part for me, what I truly believe is the hardest part in life, is deciding what you truly want and what truly matters to you the most. Once you’ve decided then committing to yourself that you want to make that happen is the answer. If you’re willing to face those questions, anything is possible. That’s why I want to coach at Unwritten. I want someone to realize that they are capable of whatever they decide they want to do.

Motivation & Passion

Have you ever seen someone complete something they never dreamed possible? There is nothing better than the feeling of seeing someone face their own demons (WE ALL HAVE THEM!) and complete a lift or a movement that prior to that second seemed impossible. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s why we're here. We are all capable of achieving things that we collectively have never imagined. Let’s go. The only thing that matters is our attitude. Once we believe something possible, it will happen. The space between belief and execution is work. Let’s decide what we want, and get to work.

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