What We Offer?




Group CrossFit – We offer group classes that include functional fitness combining weightlifting, cardio & gymnastics. Each class runs 60 minutes and usually involves a strength/skill portion along with a metabolic conditioning piece.

Weightlifting Class – We offer 2 weightlifting classes a week,  focusing purely on the Olympic lifts our Weightlifting classes help athletes hone their skills, build confidence and increase their knowledge base. Classes are capped to ensure attention is given to each athlete in class.

Nutrition Coaching – Nutrition is the foundation of health and will help you achieve success you can be proud of. Good nutrition doesn’t have to be a chore—it CAN be manageable. We offer professional and safe nutrition coaching services that will change your life for the better.

One On One Training – We offer 30 min – 1 hour private customized sessions based on your specific goals and needs.


About CrossFit Unwritten


We pride ourselves on being a community of acceptance and support. Some of us are new too CrossFit. Some of us are CrossFit veterans. All of us remember where we started.

Every CrossFit gym is unique in its programming, coaching and focus. We believe CrossFit should be more about competing with yourself and striving for personal improvement than it is about competing against the rest of the group.

Our community includes members who may have competed at the national level in CrossFit and Weightlifting. It also includes first responders, military veterans, cancer survivors, parents, grandparents and everyone in between. Though we come from all walks of life and are in different stages of our fitness journey, our members share the mentality of checking our egos and experience at the door and coming together to build one another up on the mat in pursuit of a common goal: to get better.

Our goal is to help you achieve your goals in health, fitness and wellbeing, while sharing that journey with a family of like-minded individuals supporting you and growing with you along the path. We learn, suffer and struggle together – and we emerge stronger together.

Contact us today to join our community and get started on your journey to fitness, wellness and learning that the only limitations you have are the ones you place on yourself! 

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