The first step is giving us a call or dropping us an email to set up your free introductory session. Come say hello and let us show you what we’re all about. We think you’ll like what you see!

The idea of CrossFit is intimidating to a lot of people. We get it! If your perception of CrossFit is based on videos of The CrossFit Games and elite athletes doing insane workouts, it can definitely feel like you’re not ready for this.

The beauty of CrossFit, however, is that it’s infinitely scalable. You can do the same workout as those athletes by modifying the weight, duration of the workout, number of reps and movements to meet your needs.


Our introductory course is a one-on-one training setting, where you will be paired with one of our expert coaches. This allows us to minimize distractions and pay full attention to your individual needs, including a full assessment of your current ability and how to help you scale workouts to achieve maximum results and experience dramatic improvement over time.

In our On-Ramp course, you will learn how to perform the fundamental CrossFit movements safely and effectively, ensuring a seamless transition to the group workouts after completion of the On-Ramp course.