How long have you been doing CrossFit?

I started in mid-2012. I stopped doing CrossFit regularly in about 2015 and started focusing on just weightlifting, but still enjoy the occasional CrossFit workout!

What was your first CrossFit workout and how did you do?

I have notebooks that have every workout I have ever done in them and notes on them… I love flipping back through them and seeing the progress over the years. My very first workout was a 5 rep max Deadlift where I hit 85lbs, and a 20 minute AMRAP of 96 single jump ropes, 16 push press, and 16 abmat setups. I was in my 4th round, so not very quick but hey we all start somewhere ?

What’s your athletic background? Did you play any sports growing up?

I played soccer and was on the swim team for a long time, but my real passion was dance. I did ballet, tap, jazz, hiphop and later some competitive ballroom!

What inspires you as a coach – why do you do it?

The smiles. I love seeing the big smiles that happen as everyone learns and has those lightbulb moments. The smiles keep me going.

What are your favorite and least favorite CrossFit movements?

Favorite is snatch! Least favorite is running.

What is one piece of advice you would offer to someone new to CrossFit?

Just let go. Toss out all expectations, all preexisting knowledge and embrace the environment. The community and our family is what makes it special.

What is your favorite thing about CrossFit (community, challenging workouts, friends, etc?)

How people from so many walks of life end up bonding over shared workouts. I meet people that I’d probably never cross paths with in my daily life and I just love meeting new people, seeing how we all band together and become great friends and even family over it.

List of credentials/certs


Precision Nutrition Level 1

USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach