How long have you been doing CrossFit?

2 years, I think. It was November 2017. I did my foundations class with Dustin!

What was your first CrossFit workout and how did you do?

It involved sit ups, dumbbell plank rows, and box jumps…it went horribly but I came back!

What’s your athletic background? Did you play any sports growing up?

I played soccer in high school and in junior college. I mostly just ran people over.

What do you love about CrossFit – why do you do it?

I love that there’s a movement or modification for everyone. Your only limitation is your own fear.

What are your favorite and least favorite CrossFit movements?

I love Snatch day! I hate anything involving burpees or running.

What is one piece of advice you would offer to someone new to CrossFit?

Don’t be afraid to fail. It’s going to happen. You have to get up and try again.

What is your favorite thing about CrossFit Unwritten?

Shirtless Saturday! And Jeff.